About Lusty not Musty

Lusty not Musty is dedicated to encouraging real women “of a certain age” to continue to pursue activities that bring them pleasure in all areas of their lives; socially, romantically, physically, aesthetically, etc…  through-out their lives no matter their circumstances.

I have been a reader of a certain magazine dedicated to women over 40 since it hit the newsstands.  I was only in my thirties at the time and used its glossy images and well- crafted articles of unusually successful, beautiful, healthy women as a target for whom and what I should be when I reached that age.  Of course, I spent the first few years of my forties feeling quite inadequate when measured against those women.  I am not CEO of a Fortune 500, I can no longer wear a size 6 (8, or 10 even) I cannot afford to furnish my summer home in the Hamptons with antiques I’ve collected from my worldly travels, and I do not socialize with the “A” list.

I am, however, healthy and happy.  I live in a comfortable home in which all of my friends and family are welcome.   I enjoy, cooking, reading, writing, entertaining, traveling, and so many others.  All of which I indulge in frugally.  There are a million stars in the sky over the southern Arizona desert whether you stare up at them from a Candlewood Suites or the Tubac Golf Resort and my Thanksgiving Day table, laid out with collected and hand crafted items, along with my thrift store finds, looks just a beautiful as any other.

I invite you to subscribe to LustynotMusty, and join me on my venture to remain vigorous and engaged and not to grow stale and apathetic.

Lynn Lusty


One Response to About Lusty not Musty

  1. Jahlin says:

    Good point. I hadn’t tohught about it quite that way. 🙂

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