Winter of the World – A Book Review

When I review a book, my intent is not to bore you with a synopsis you can easWiner of the Worldily find many other places on the web. My hope is to convey to you my experience with the book; how I was affected by the story. I am not paid to review any of the books I discuss in this blog – I do so because I have affection for words and stories and I want to share that passion with my followers. I hope I am able to inspire others to read.

I had very little knowledge of world events between 1933 and 1949 until I read Ken Follett’s Winter of the World. Mr. Follett gave me an education in the politics and subterfuge that led to World War II, while expertly portraying the people affected by those events. Mr. Follett is a master of storytelling; his characters are so well developed I felt I knew them. The plots and subplots built and unfolded with a well-paced rhythm that held my attention from first to last.

Unlike other stories full of fluff, don’t skip a paragraph when reading one of Mr. Follett’s novels – you might miss something. The kaleidoscope of plots and subplots move along quickly.

I laughed, I cried, I screamed (silently) at Mr. Follett for allowing certain events to unfold. I held my breath and bit my nails. I was also appalled by the cruelty people commit against each other. That is what a good book should do – it should make you feel.fall of giants

There is something for everyone in Winter of the World; love, loss, intrigue, drama, and even sex. I highly recommend this and the first book in Mr. Follett’s Century Trilogy Fall of Giant (1911-1924). But, neither book is for the faint of heart – we are talking heavy, thought provoking reading. I suggest downloading the books to your electroEdge of Eternitynic reader – you cannot tell how thick the book is that way!

Mr. Follett has released the third book in the trilogy Edge of Eternity. I’m planning to read it over my next vacation and will review here.

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