Theme for 2013 – RE-ENGAGE

 My theme for the new year is RE-ENGAGE, starting with my blog.

 I have a number of ideas for future posts I hope will cause you to think, smile, laugh out loud, or to otherwise engage in life.

 Something that has been on my mind recently, as it has been most Americans, is school security.  Specifically, I have been wondering about the viability of a corps of volunteer school security officers.

 These volunteers, after thorough background checks, would patrol school zones and hallways.  Equipped with cell phones, they could alert school authorities and police of suspicious activities.

 I have a 15 year old son in high school.  Over the past few weeks, especially after Sandy Hook, he has been talking a lot about violence at school.  Although he tells me he is not afraid, I think he is.

 I reassure him as much as I can and I counsel him to talk to me or another trusted adult if he ever feels threatened or if he feels like perpetrating a violent act on someone else.  We discuss the senselessness of the recent school shootings and I encourage him to consider alternative solutions. 

 On the afternoon of 12/21/12, he called during his walk home.  I heard relief in his voice.  Despite the numerous threats to local schools, the day passed without incident.

 Having lived through the violence of racial desegregation of the local schools in the 1970’s, I know what it is like to go to school frightened every day.  I do not want that for my son or for any other child.

 So, I ask you, do you think a corps of well trained volunteer security officers would help prevent school violence?  Would you like to see members of this group in your child’s school?  Do you think this corps would be met with resistance or welcomed?

 Leave your comments – they are appreciated.

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One Response to Theme for 2013 – RE-ENGAGE

  1. Moreen says:

    It is sad that our kids are not safe in a school environment. It is sad that as we are at work, and the phone rings, cant help but to wonder if it is one of those calls. Unfortunately, this is at the forefront of every parents mind. I agree, educate our children, speak with them often. Seeing the extra security does give me a sense of comfort when I drop my 6 year old off. But honestly, until we start showing more positivity then negativity, the violence wont stop. Like stated before, educate our children, speak with them, teach them right from wrong. Lets hope for the best!!!!

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