Work – Life Imbalance

Eighteen months ago, I took a job I would not have considered for a moment just two years earlier.  However, I entered a new phase in my life.  I wanted to achieve the elusive work/life balance we hear so much about.  You know – go to work, give it 100% for eight to ten hours then go home and still have enough time to do the things that excite you. 

My current predicament..

Here I am, these many months later, still tipping the scales in favor of my corporate responsibilities.

My home office is full of half-finished projects; partially completed blog posts, short stories waiting for a happily ever after, and a young adult novel ready for rewrites.  A novel is nestled beside my bed. I read about a page a night; at this rate I will finish and write a review by 2022!

I swear, thoughts like this ran through my head the whole time I was on vacation..

Dust is collecting on my elliptical and my walking shoes are dry-rotting while my buttocks flatten and widen from the many hours spent in a chair at my desk.

I am living with the guilt of missed deadlines.  By the time I get my Cruise Updates posted they will be stale and no one will be interested.  My genealogy followers probably think I have the shortest family tree in history!

This is real life.  These are the challenges part-time writers and bloggers face.

The projects I am managing at my 9 – 5 will eventually come to fruition and I will recapture some of the time for myself and the pursuit of personal fulfillment.

I hope my blog followers will bear with me through the pinch!

Thank you for spending some of your valuable time reading my posts.

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