Cruise Update – St. Thomas

Bright and early Monday morning, the Carnival Victory slid into Charlotte Amalie under partly cloudy skies.  I dressed and raced to the top deck to snap shots of the harbor as we approached.  It was beautiful.

Standing about eight stories above the pier, I suddenly realized just how much skill it must take to manuever a massive ship like the Victory up to the dock.  I was impressed.

The weather was not promising but I have a family of troopers.  We put our swimsuits on under cover-ups, carried our beach gear and hired a taxi.  We were not letting the threat of rain stop us.

Our initial plan was to visit Coki beach and Coral World; however, my son decided he did not want to swim with the sea lions so we headed out to Magens Bay instead.

Of course the beach was pretty but it was crowded.   There were no chairs or umbrellas for rent so we spread out towels on the sand.  The poor weather meant the water was cold.  With some trepidation, we all inched our way into the cerulean sea.  The chilly wetness did not dampen the younger members of our group who spent most of the morning in the water. 

Magens has facilities; however, during our visit, the women’s restroom was out of order.  The attendants opened one of the men’s rooms, a single stall, for us but there was a long line.

My eight-year old god-daughter purchased a hamburger and fries from the concession.  According to her less than sophistacated pallet, the burger was “good’.  The rest of us enjoyed lunch at the Mediterranen Restaurant buffet back on the boat.

I walked the one mile length of beach and took some excellent pictures.  Megan’s is rated one of the top 10 beaches by National Geographic for a reason.  The scenery is beautiful.

We had prearranged for our taxi driver to pick us up and return us to the ship.  I was pleased that he was on time. 

Running short on time, we dropped our beach gear in our cabins, ate lunch and walked the couple of blocks to the Paradise Point Tram for a breath-taking ride to the top.  Although the only two couragous enough to admit it were the 14 and 8 year olds, we were all a bit nervous.

(I have to comment on the obnoxious cab driver we encounter on the way to the tram.  He was agressive and extremely rude.  He followed us for several minutes trying to sell us a taxi ride instead of the tram ride. – Just be aware that you may encounter this during your trip.)

Too cool to be nervous!

Paradise Point boasts carnival rides (a ferris wheel) a nature trail and a mini-z0o (various birds and goats).  One of the two peacocks on display actually looked sick; my son thought it was dead until it moved. 

The view from the point was amazing.

Having eaten on the Victory, we did not try the restaurant so I cannot personally comment on the quality or price of the food.  We did purchase soft drinks at $3.00 a can.

Our ride back down the mountain was somewhat eventful.  The tram was stuck, causing us to wait at the top for it to start running again.  About ¾ of the way down, it briefly stopped again with all of us aboard.

I do not think the venture was worth $21/pp except for the fantastic views.  However, the tram ride was an experience the children will not soon forget.

We did not make it to Charolette Amalie for shopping and sightseeing.  Time got away from us.  Maybe next time.

All in all, our stop in St. Thomas was enjoyable but was not my favorite of the week.  Next time, I will plan my time better.

So long, St. Thomas…

Next week – Barbados revisited!

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