Who do I think I am?

I have always been interested in genealogy.  I find it interesting to consider the lifestyles of my ancestors.  I am not only interested in where they lived but how and what impact their lives had on my upbringing.

 About two years ago, I joined Ancestry.com and began my search for my forefathers and mothers.  I did not have much to go on. 

I started with the name and birth place of my mother, her parents and their parents (my great-grandparents).  The details of my grandmother’s father were questionable as part of the family believed him to have been born in Western Maryland while others believed him born and raised in Anne Arundel County.

I began entering the data I had into Ancestry.com and performing searches of the historical documents they have available.  At first, the search was quite fun.  I plugged in facts and found evidence to support what I already knew about the first two generations.    What I discovered about the third generation back plunged me into an investigation that has yielded some surprising facts.

My family tree is now comprised of approximately 814 people going back to my 14th great-grandparents in Wales, Prussia, Scotland, and Ireland and includes names that would make any Marylander proud, such as Jackson, Owings and Calvert.

Come along with me as I continue to uncover the real stories of the men and women who built my family and helped to shape the fine state of Maryland.

Are you interested in genealogy? Do you have an interesting family story to share?  Leave me a comment; I will be happy to share it with our readers.

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One Response to Who do I think I am?

  1. Very interesting post! I love family history, but have not yet applied myself to the work involved in uncovering information. Fascinating, though. Thanks!

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