Cruise Update – Last Minute Chores and Easter

It is a week before Easter – a spiritual holiday I usually spend days preparing for.  My extended family always congregate at one of our homes and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the light and love he bestows upon us each day.

I am somewhat ashamed to admit, this year, my Easter plans have taken a back burner to my vacation plans.  Sure, there is a beautiful organic ham in my refrigerator awaiting adornment with pineapples and cherries, and the “Easter Bunny” has a sweet treat hidden away for everyone, but that is all I’ve done.

I know that Easter is not about the fancy food and cellophane wrapped baskets.  Believe me, while the table may not be as “dressed” as it has been in other years, Easter Sunday is reserved for reverence.

However, the rest of the week I will be busy with last minute vacation details; final packing, ironing, and chores that could not be accomplished ahead of time.

Yesterday, I had my hair done (cut and highlights).  I also made reservations at a local nail spa for everyone in our travel party to have manicures and pedicures the Friday before we leave; yes, even the guys – their piggies need attention too!

My to do list is nearly complete and there are only a couple of items on the “need to purchase” list.  Things are coming together well and we will be ready to lift-off from BWI bright and early Saturday, April 14, 2012.

P.S.  It is never a good idea to publicize in social media when you will be on vacation.  There are certain people who prowl the internet looking for opportunities to take advantage of you and your property while you are gone.

In our case our home is not vacant.  We share our home with our son (a former Marine) his new family and a large dog.

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