Cruise Update – Skele-toes for all!


Who knew (other than shoe makers) that these funny looking foot gloves would be the next “must have” for beach vacationers?

Well, like most men and teenagers, my two guys had to have them for the cruise, so off we went to Kohls, where Skele-toes® were on sale.  It took my husband no less than half an hour to try on four styles before deciding which pair of neon trimmed booties he wanted.  He was like Goldilocks – one pair was too tight between his toes, another didn’t have enough support, finally, the blue ones were just right.

My 14 year old opted not to take the shopping trip with us.  Instead, I selected a pair of lime green monster feet for him – size 9.  Back at home – NOPE, don’t fit!  He has a high instep and his thick foot would not slip into the stretchy mitten.  Not to worry.  My other son’s girl friend fell in love with them – they are now hers.

The following day, I carted the big-footed teen back to the store where he decided upon a pair of yellow trimmed slippers.  Not to be out-done, my older son raced to the store to buy himself a pair to match his lover’s. Now they both can look like web-footed creatures!

Creature of the Black Lagoon Feet!

As for me, I have a pair of toe-less beach shoes that will serve my purposes just fine.  I prefer not to look like a relative of the Creature from the Black Lagoon!  If Fila decides to make a less obnoxious looking pair of beach mittens, I might reconsider.  Until then, I will stick to my water-socks.

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