Cruise Update – St. Kitts – Follow Your Heart

St. Kitts – Follow Your Heart

With memories of St. Lucia etched in our hearts and minds forever, we will bid her goodbye and sail into Port Zante, just outside Basseterre, the capital of St. Kitts.

The Carnival Victory will graciously ply the aquamarine waters of the West Indies and settle gently into port while we rouse ourselves from slumber, enjoy a fresh breakfast and prepare for another day in paradise.

St. Kitts has a populated history dating back to the last ice age when people walked across the archipelago to the single island that is now St. Kitts and Nevis.  The Carib, the Spanish, the French and the British have occupied the island. Today, the population is primarily African due to the number of slaves imported during the 17th century.

St. Kitts proved to be the most difficult port to plan.  While it’s history is colorful, many, if not most, of it’s historic buildings were destroyed by hurricanes, fire, and other disasters; which doesn’t make this island ideal for sightseeing.  The island also lacks the astounding natural attractions of other nearby islands, such as the Pitons in St. Lucia or the glassy beaches of Barbados.

However, St. Kitts is home to Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Sight.  Brimstone is the largest fortress ever built (late 1600’s) in the Eastern Caribbean and one of the best preserved in the Americas.

After much thought and research, we have decided to hire a taxi at the port, take a tour of Brimstone Hill and head out to Cockleshell Bay for an hour or so on the beach.

Cockleshell Bay sits on a crescent shaped swath of white sand on the channel the separates St. Kitts from its sister Nevis.  It is a family friendly beach with bars and restaurants available for nourishment.

When we have had our fill of surf, sand and sun, we will head back to the Victory to freshen up for a walk into Basseterre for some shopping before sailing off to our next stop – St. Marten!

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