Cruise Update – Barbados: Long Live Life…

Of all the ports-of-call we will be visiting, Barbados is the one that I am most excited about.  Based upon my research and wonderful testimonials I’ve read, I think I would like to spend more than one day in this Caribbean paradise.


Barbados hosts a very healthy population of hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles.  So, when we discussed how to spend our day on Barbados, we all agreed we absolutely had to swim with the turtles!    I found several reputable catamaran excursions – Carnival offers one as does our cruise agent, CruiseOne.  However, for a party of seven, it can become quite pricey.  Also, nothing ruins a day of fun like seasickness and I do get queasy easily – bummer.

Fortunately, these beautiful creatures are near-shore inhabitants – meaning, you don’t have to go out on a boat to reach them.  Yeah!    I put my researcher’s cap on and discovered several beaches recommended for swimming/snorkeling with the turtles.  One of them is Rockley Beach (also known as Accra Beach).

Bonus!  Rockley Beach is not a calm water beach; there are waves.

This is what I am talking about - catch the wave...

As mid-Atlantic residents, we prefer body boarding and rolling with the waves to floating on flat water so Rockley is a good choice for us.  Other water sports are available on the beach also, such as windsurfing and sunfish sailing.

Across the street from the beach is Quayside Centre where we can grab lunch and a cocktail made with Barbadian rum at Bubba’s Sports Bar & Restaurant  or at Bert’s.  Did I mention Barbados is the birthplace of rum?

I must tell you that deciding which beach to visit was not an easy task.  There are 60 beaches covering seventy (70) miles of Bajan country, including Crane Beach – voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!  In the end, our decision was influenced by ease of accessibility and availability of services and activities.

After we have exhausted ourselves on the beach and in the waves, we will take an affordable taxi back to the ship, refresh and walk out to Bridgetown for some sightseeing and picture taking.

Chamberlain Bridge - Bridgetown's Namesake

Bridgetown’s name dates back to 1654 and its’ history dates back even further.   It will be particularly interesting for my husband to visit, as one of his ancestors found his way from Wales to New York via Barbados in the 1600’s.  Since I am a genealogy buff, I find this really fascinating.

Our ship sets sail at 5:00 p.m., so we will not be able to enjoy to robust nightlife of Barbados but you can be sure I will be sipping a tall glass of rum punch as I watch the island slip away.

Bajan Run Punch

Ingredients: (Makes about 2 1/2  quarts) 1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice 2 cups simple syrup  (equal parts white sugar and water, heated until sugar dissolves) 3 cups  dark rum 4 cups water A few dashes of Angostura bitters Grated  nutmeg

Method: Combine the lime juice, syrup, rum, water,  and bitters, and stir well in a tall pitcher. Pour into ice-filled glasses and  grate nutmeg to garnish.


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