Cruise Update – Buying a Swimsuit in February

This is not the best time of year to try to buy a swimsuit.  Several retailers have started putting beachwear on the racks (Target, Sears and JCPenney) but the selection is slim.   I found a black full piece at my local Marshall’s.  It is not exactly what I was looking for, but for the price, I decided I could always use a spare.

A friend told me about a sale ShapeFX was having – all swimsuits $10!  Wow!  I had never purchased anything from them but for $10, I was willing to try them.  I found a couple of nice suits and placed an order.  After waiting over a week for notification my order shipped, I finally called to check on the status.  A rude customer service woman curtly advised me my order was canceled because neither of the suits I chose was available!  My friend’s order was canceled for the same reason.  Neither of us received any type of notice from ShapeFX.  I assure you, I will not try to buy anything from them again.

Last year, I found a couple of Land’s End suits I like at Sears.  This year I am disappointed.  Am I just being too finicky?

I still have 70 days before I fly to San Juan; I am sure I will find something fabulous by then!

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