Up the Face of 50 – How do I dress?

I purchased a new dress this weekend from Francesca’s Collections.  My eight-year-old goddaughter, who was with me on my shopping trip, professed the red-orange frock was “Hot like chili sauce.”  My cousin, whose opinion I respect, approved of the dress and told

Similiar to the one I bought.

me it looks nice.  My husband, when I tried it on for him later, also approved and seconded my goddaughter’s assessment.

Two days later, I am still worried if I made a good decision to buy the dress.  My biggest concern is – Is the dress too young for me?

Knocking on the door of 50, I realize that I cannot wear some (most) of today’s fashions.  Not because they do not fit but because I could look comical in a frock designed for 20 somethings.

Dressing is one of the more difficult challenges I am facing with aging.  I want to look fashionable but I do not want to look like I am wearing my daughter’s clothes.  Neither do I want to date myself by dressing like my mother.

The dress is modest and, because I am short, skims my knees not my thighs as it would on someone taller.  It exposes my upper arms, which I hope will be more toned before my cruise (weight training a couple times a week should do it) but it conceals my cleavage.  The dress has an empire waist, so it drapes over my curves nicely.  The lightweight, polyester fabric will be nice and cool in the Caribbean climates, also.

I believe I will keep the dress.

Next problem; finding shoes that do not make me look like a nun but also will not hurt my feet, legs, back…  I think a pair of Roman sandals would like great with this dress – as long as I do not have to walk too far.


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