The Unmentionables – A Collection of Short Stories – A Review

The Unmentionables – A Collection of Short Stories by Karen Ranney

 My Ladies Drawers

The Stocking Twins

The Corset

Agnes’s Shift

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall?  Well, Ms. Ranney takes it one-step further.  She gives us the unique, up close and personal perspective from the point-of-view of women’s undergarments!  You cannot get any more intimate than that.

Imagine being a pair of fine women’s stockings hidden beneath a proper table spying on the furnishings of a particular gentleman!  How about a less than ornate corset called into service for a formal ball – what would you observe?

I read all four stories back-to-back – I found them so entertaining.  I applaud Ms. Ranney’s novel (no pun intended) approach – bravo!

If you are looking for a light-hearted, quick read, download a copy of The Unmentionables at Smashwords for just $.99. You will not be disappointed in this one!

Ebook Short Description

The Unmentionables is a collection of short stories told by Victorian undergarments, from the under appreciated pair of drawers belonging to a countess, to the corset owned by a young miss, to a pair of enthusiastic stockings, and finally to a maid’s shift.

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