A Quick Cruise Update

In 84 days, I’ll be sitting on a beach in Puerto Rico, sipping something sinful, soaking up the sun (protected by sunscreen) and waiting for my ship to sail!

The other night, I ordered two new sun dresses from Athleta (go anywhereyoga wear) and two swimsuits.  I’ve been keeping my eyes open for some new shoes – gotta have comfy but pretty sandals for all the walking I hope to do.

A few weeks ago I bought a new pair of fabulous sun glasses!

Last night, I browsed through Smashwords looking for some cruise related titles to download to my reader (smart phone) or print.  I came across quite a few.  I think I’ll pass on the tales of pirates and hijackings, at least until I am back on dry land.  Here are a couple I have added to my cart!

Cruise Ship Stories  $1.00

Ebook By Guy Beach

This is a collection stories about real things that happened while working and sailing on cruise ships. The stories are from my own experience, those of my wife (who also worked on ships), and our fellow crew members and passengers who want to share their experiences. As we have found, life is stranger than fiction, especially on cruise ships.

Cruise Ship Tricks [booklet]  $1.49

Ebook By Kate Harper
A 19-page booklet on how to break the rules on a cruise ship. Learn how to be a frugal traveler, avoid bad entertainment, not dress up, and what you should bring that isn’t in the brochure, and best of all, how to take advantage of what’s available. Also personal recommendations on budget booking, specialty cruises, solo cruising, best kept secrets, and where to find good cruise reviews.

Hot Tales: 2-Three on a Cruise  $0.99

Ebook By John Springs

Adam and Trish are celebrating being empty nesters on a one-week cruise. Trish’s friend Jamie, a ship’s officer who arranged the trip, first took them to a nude beach on St. Martin where they spent the day enjoying the water, the sun and each other. Now back on board, they need to confine their pleasures to their stateroom and its private balcony.

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