The Man Who Loved His Wife – A Short Story Review

The Man Who Loved His Wife – by Kate Walker

Kate Walker weaves a beautiful tale of unconditional devotion in A Man Who Loved His Wife.

This free eBook published on Smashwords, will hold your heart still.  In a few short pages, just enough to while away the dead time waiting for the doctor, Ms. Walker reminds us of the power of love.  The tale of Mr. & Mrs. Scott is both soulful and sensual.  Most romance stories promise us a happy ending – this is the happy ending.

If you enjoy distilled romance, download a copy of A Man Who Loved His Wife.  It is available at Smashwords in a number of formats.   Other titles by Kate Walker are available also.

Note:  The description warns that the story contains adult content; however, it is very subtle.  This is not an erotic story.

Ebook Short Description

William Scott married Zara O’Mear, a dying girl who was considered ‘unfit for marriage’. Though friends and family advised against it, William saw in her what others failed to see. And Zara likewise saw in William what all others could not begin to understand. Theirs was a love both of this world, and beyond the worldly. A love story about the marriage of two souls. Contains adult content.

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One Response to The Man Who Loved His Wife – A Short Story Review

  1. kwaustralia says:

    Thank you for the kind review of my story. A great many copies have been downloaded now, seeing that it’s free. There’s been no reviews on Smashwords to date, so I had no idea how it had been received. Seeing that I write for children as well, I thought it best to put a note about the adult content. Best wishes, Kate Walker [Australia]

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