Most Likely to Succeed – A Story Review

Most Likely to Succeed – A Short Story of a Woman’s Journey Back to Herself

Ms. Renaye’s short story of a woman in an unhappy, suffocating marriage has the backbone to be a novel.  Unfortunately, the short version is not well written and could benefit from some good editing.

 I am always looking for books about women who re-discover themselves later in life – after the work of raising a family is over.  Most Likely promised to provide that type of inspiration.  However, the characters – especially Janey – were not fully developed.  I wanted to know more about this woman and what drove her to the brink.

 Authors who take on the challenge of creating a mature narrative in a few pages must master the art of character and story “showing”.  Ms. Renaye did not prove herself here.

 Ms. Renaye, if you read this review, there is a novel here waiting to be written.  Take us on the journey you promised.


 Most Likely to Succeed–A Short Story of a Woman’s Journey Back to Herself

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Ebook Price: Free! 2640 words. Fiction by Paula Renaye on January 5, 2012
Janey hadn’t set out to lose herself, but somehow she had. The intelligent, vibrant artist had disappeared, and in her place was a sad and withered woman as hollow as the soap bubbles in the sink. One night, as the snow piled up on the windowsill of the mountain home she’d pretended to love, the trap she’d set for herself both fully snapped shut–and broke wide open. She broke open.

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