Free, Fresh, and (often) Fantastic Reads

I discovered Smashwords when I started looking for publishing options. 

NOTE:  When visiting Smashwords you may want to Activate the Adult Filter found at the bottom of the screen.

Smashwords offers writers an affordable (free) self-publishing option with complete control of pricing and it offers readers an opportunity to purchase affordable works from promising authors.

I will admit, not all of the work published on Smashwords is worth your time but there are some real jewels waiting to be discovered.   You will find work in all genres and subgenres, including children, young adult, erotica and Christian.

There are quite a few (I didn’t count) free books available – you all know I’m all about the free stuff – which makes it easy to load your reader with enough words to keep you occupied on a cold winter night or while lazing on a hot tropical beach!

Here are a few titles I’ve added to my cart:


A Blue Harbor Novel – Widowed at forty-five, Margo Blair sells her home to return to the town where she once lived as a teenager. She befriends her new neighbor and, with her encouragement, begins a memory quilt. Painful secrets, hidden grief, and lost love are revealed as Margo pieces together the remnants of her life. Will a stronger woman emerge or will the secrets and grief destroy her?

The Man Who Loved his Wife  (Free)

William Scott married Zara O’Mear, a dying girl who was considered ‘unfit for marriage’. Though friends and family advised against it, William saw in her what others failed to see. And Zara likewise saw in William what all others could not begin to understand. Theirs was a love both of this world, and beyond the worldly. A love story about the marriage of two souls. Contains adult content.

Happy reading!

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