Up the Face of 50 – The Challenge with Challenges

One of the great things about being older and wiser is that you learn to recognize when something isn’t working the way you intended and you are able to make adjustments without feeling as if you’ve failed at the task.

When I started the weekly challenges I thought it was a great idea – challenge myself to do something new, different, creative, etc. every week.  What I’ve discovered is that, by accepting a different challenge each week, I am not giving myself – or my readers – time to accomplish the goal from the week before.  The challenges are piling up and the success rate is slipping.

I never intended to feel over burdened by these dares and I apologize to you if I have lost you due to the fast pace.

My intention was to make these challenges meaningful; to feel that I was pushing myself to excel and to break out of my box, and to encourage all of you to do the same.

So, here is what I am going to do.

Starting with the New Year’s Resolution Challenge (see previous post) I am going to post one MONTHLY challenge instead of several weekly ones.  The monthly dares will be timely and meaningful – to all of us.

I hope you will revisit the New Year’s Resolution post and consider pushing yourself to be more LUSTY in 2012.

In the intervening weeks, I will continue updating Up the Face of 50 and posting other fun and informative posts.

If you agree that monthly challenges are more accomplishable, drop me a comment!  I appreciate your feedback.

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