Up the Face of 50 – LUSTY New Year’s Resolution Challenge

OK, ladies, put down those pencils and stop pounding on your keyboards.  Here is my challenge to you for this, the last week of 2011!

Re-write your New Year’s resolutions.  That’s right.  I want you to rethink your personal goals and objectives for next year.

Toss out your SMART goals (or put them aside for a little while) and take the Lusty approach to developing your 2012 resolutions.

By the end of the week, use any one – or more – of the words that define the LUSTY acronym and develop three (or more) outrageous goals for next year. 

Come on, ladies, it is time to think outside the musty box.

L              Lusty, laughable, lavish, liberal, literary, legendary, lively, luscious

U             Unique, unlimited, unparalleled, unusual

S              Silly, sassy, seductive, sumptuous, sublime, stimulating

T              Titillating, talented, thrilling, thankful,

Y              Youthful (as in playful), yearning, (un)yielding

Go ahead, if you must (as I do) apply the SMART approach to you LUSTY goals; it can only increase your chances for success!

Send me an email, comment on this post or find the new Lusty not Musty Challenges page on Facebook and join the conversation!

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