Bedroom on a Budget

My in-laws will be visiting for the holidays and I wanted to provide them a comfortable and welcoming guestroom – on a budget.  Off I went to the local thrift and Goodwill stores in search of furniture and accessories.

The first item on my list was a bed.  I found a full size bed with frame and sideboards at the thrift store for $30.  The dark stain was rough and the sideboards were slightly damaged but not so bad I couldn’t repair them.

I didn’t have to do much work on the bed, really.  Since it is for the guest room and will not be heavily used, I simply applied a coat of good primer and several coats of white satin paint – done.

Next, I needed a mattress set.  I did something I normally do not do – I purchased used.  However, I knew the people from whom I bought it and I knew that the set was only a couple of months old.  For $100, it was a bargain.

The room is small and is shaped oddly.  I only have space for a table on one side of the bed.  Again, at my local thrift store my husband came across a table with these very cool lion head fixtures – he had to have it.  He graciously donated the piece to the guestroom project.  Once again, a good coat of primer and several coats of white paint and the piece looks pristine.  The ferocious looking lions add a regal touch.   A great buy for $20.

One day my husband showed up with a very rough looking cabinet he rescued from the side of the road – FREE – got to love that.  I originally planned to strip the piece down, paint it and use it as extra storage in our main bathroom.  However, as I started stripping and sanding several layers of paint, the piece started to take on a unique character.  Shades of green, brown, beige, blue, and even hints of red gave the piece a weathered look. Honestly, I loved the way it looked but never thought my husband would but my 14 year old walked into the garaged when I was working on it and announced that he liked it just as it was and my husband agreed!

So, when I was placing furniture in the guestroom, I brought the seasoned side cabinet in and placed it into a cut-out corner of the room.  It is stunning.

Once the furniture was in place, I needed to accessorize and dress the bed.

I looked around the house and in the garage to see what I already had that would work in the room.  My objective was to give the room a coastal feel.

Here is the breakdown of the accessories and bedding:




Table Lamp Already had   this


Fish and   Pelican Ceramics Brought in   from another room


Wood pitcher Gift from   Father-in-law


Wood tray Goodwill


Wall art From my   collection – including frames


Christmas   bedspread Thrift store


Red Throw   Blanket Goodwill   (original tags still attached)


Christmas   Pillow Cases Gift from Aunt  
White Blanket Thrift store   (already had it)


Pillows/Linens Purchased new   on clearance


     $    195.00


I could have used other art or purchased perfectly good art from second hand stores but the watercolors I chose are vintage images of the coastal town in which we all spent many happy summers.  I thought they would be good memories for my in-laws and they fit the theme of the room.




My husband purchased the crab print at a flea market several years ago, unframed.  I picked up this frame from the thrift – no work required – for $2.

Including the paint and primer, I pulled together a comfortable guest room for about $385.

I hope my in-laws will sleep well in their custom decorated room.

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One Response to Bedroom on a Budget

  1. Kaitlin says:

    Wow! That’s amazing! Gotta love the good will, my mom shops there almost exclusively. I do too, when I can (pants + me = pretty much have to buy new. Tall and very specifically shaped.) That room looks absolutely LOVELY as well – I hope the in-laws approve!

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