Up the Face of 50 – A Holiday Challange

It’s Monday again – already – and time to fess up that I didn’t do so well on my physical challenge last week.  Oh, well – not going to beat myself up.  I went walking twice though and it was nice.  It is getting colder here in the mid-Atlantic and the chill was invigorating.

I did spend some time with WordPress.  I learned enough last week to know that I have a lot more to learn.  I will keep at it as time allows.

For this week’s challenge, I would like you all to join me in practicing patience, acceptance and tolerance.

No matter what our religious beliefs, we are all being inundated with the Christmas spirit.  You know what I mean; the sour sales associates, dangerous drivers, wacky wait staff, and the like.  Oh, and let’s not forget grumpy gramps, manic mothers, crazy cousins, and huffy husbands!

I am asking everyone to remember, as you go about running your errands and visiting family and friends that every person you encounter has a story and their attitude toward you is not personal – it is a reflection of their experience.  Please be patient.

I am asking you all to accept life’s little imperfections.  The string of lights that worked fine the day you hung them from the steeply pitched rooftop but fails just in time for your annual holiday party – no big deal.  No one cares but you – honest.  Your friends and family are coming to see your beaming face not your light display.  Do not allow things to dampen your festivities.

Lastly, please practice tolerance – tolerance of Uncle Harry who always finds something to complain about and, more importantly, tolerance of all people and things that are different from you.

Pease on Earth

Good Will to Men (and women)

Merry Christmas

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