Up the Face of 50 – Another Week – Another Challange

It’s been a week – so how did I do on my challenge?  I give myself a B and I think that is pretty good given the holiday stress, etc…

I managed to add a lot of extra walking (OK, so it was around the mall, Target, etc… but it was still walking) and I played Ping-Pong several times this week.  Laugh if you will but, if you play gorilla Ping-Pong like my family does, you get a workout!

The second part of my challenge was to learn more about Facebook.  Who better to teach me than my 14 year old, right?  We connected my laptop to a monitor and extra keyboard.  He sat on one side of the desk, I sat on the other, and he walked me through some features.  Am I an expert?  Oh, heck no, but I’m getting better.

How did you all do on your challenges?  Remember, there is no pass or fail.  This is about stepping out and pushing ourselves.

This week, for my intellectual challenge – I am tackling WordPress!  I publish my blogs on WordPress.  I started another one this week, lifeaswords.wordpress.com, specifically for my short stories – stop by and read The Twin Christmas Trees.  I’ve got the basic functionality  down but there are a number of features I do not know anything about.  So, WordPress users, wish me luck.

For my physical challenge – I plan to walk for fifteen minutes every day before lunch.  Dr. Oz, in the AARP magazine, said a fifteen minute walk will build muscle mass and increase vitamin D – good stuff for those of us growing wiser.   If the weather is bad, I challenge myself to do a seven to ten minute yoga routine at my desk (there are some easy routines on YouTube).

So, how will you push yourself beyond your comfort zone this week?  Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Sign up for a class at your local community college
  • Dance around your house to your favorite music
  • Better yet, sign up for a dance class!
  • Wrap all of your Christmas gifts by the end of the week
  • Surprise someone under the mistletoe
  • Greet everyone you pass today with a smile and sincere hello
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