Staring up the Face of 50 – An Update

 It’s been a week and I still feel no differently than I did before, which may not be a good thing.

The reality is, as we age we need to take better care of ourselves so that we continue to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.  So, the fact that I feel the same as I did the day before my 49th birthday means I haven’t been doing some of the things I should be.

I still have the nagging back pain because I haven’t been doing Yoga as I promised myself I would.  The scale hasn’t changed, which means I haven’t been on the elliptical as often as I should be.  Sure, I’ve been doing things this week that were more “fun”, like decorating for Christmas, making Thanksgiving dinner and writing my blogs, all of which are good but will not help me remain vibrant through the next half of my life.

Many of my friends know I plan to spend my 50th birthday in Key West.  I certainly don’t want a nagging back ache, ill-fitting swimsuit, tired legs, or any other age related irritant hampering my festivities.   To that end, and to add more fun and pep to my everyday life, I am committing to regular exercise again.

I am not afraid to age – I am proud of the wisdom and experience I’ve gained – but, I do not want to get old and musty.

I want to ride across the 7 mile bridge with the top down, sun on my protected skin, wind in my colored hair, and a smile upon my face.

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