Grave Goods by Ariana Franklin – A Book Review

Another of the books I purchased at the clearance sale was Grave Goods, a novel by the National Bestselling Author of Mistress of the Art of Death and The Serpent’s Tale, Ariana Franklin.

The story is set in medieval England and, since I have been drawn to learning about the middle ages after reading Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett), I found the premise interesting. The landscape and conditions described by Ms. Franklin were believable and there was just enough lilt to the language to keep the dialogue in time without it becoming cumbersome to the reader.

Ms. Franklin did a good job of cloaking a modern romance in the garb of medieval lore. The story was compelling enough to keep me interested from the beginning. I would recommend the book as a nice, sit by the fire on a cold winter evening and sip a cup of tea type of book. Consider it a short trip to the romanticized middle ages without the gruff living conditions.

Overall, I enjoyed the read and will look for Ariana Franklin’s other books at my local thrift store (because you all know I don’t buy full retail). *********************************************************************************** Combining the best of modern forensic thrillers with the drama of medieval fiction, New York Times–bestselling author Ariana Franklin returns with the third title in the Mistress of the Art of Death series.

England, 1176. Beautiful, tranquil Glastonbury Abbey— one of England’s holiest sites, and believed by some to be King Arthur’s sacred Isle of Avalon—has been burned almost to the ground. The arsonist remains at large, but the fire has uncovered something even more shocking: two hidden skeletons, a man and a woman. The skeletons’ height and age send rumors flying—are the remains those of Arthur and Guinevere? King Henry II hopes so. Struggling to put down a rebellion in Wales, where the legend of Celtic savior Arthur is particularly strong, Henry wants definitive proof that the bones are Arthur’s. If the rebels are sure that the Once and Future King will not be coming to their aid, Henry can stamp out the insurgence for good. He calls on Adelia Aguilar, Mistress of the Art of Death, to examine the bones. Henry’s summons comes not a moment too soon, for Adelia has worn out her welcome in Cambridge. As word of her healing powers has spread, so have rumors of witchcraft. So Adelia and her household ride to Glastonbury, where the investigation into the abbey fire will be overseen by the Church authorities—in this case, the Bishop of St. Albans, who happens also to be the father of Adelia’s daughter.

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