Tarragon Chicken Salad – YUM!

There are many joys to be experienced as we grow wiser and, yep, older – we become more self- confident, hopefully we become more financially secure, our children leave the nest, etc… 

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to the whole aging process.  One is our inability to eat what we want when we want with total disregard for the nutritional value, calorie content, saturated fat, sugars, etc…

So, when I find a food that is satisfying and delicious and even a little bit good for me, I munch.

There is a New York style deli across the street from my office from which I grab a small salad for lunch almost every day.  Once a week, usually Thursdays, they serve tarragon chicken salad on the bar.  I do not know the exact recipe but it is something like this:

Chopped cooked chicken

Chopped apple

Chopped seedless grapes




(use light or fat free if you prefer but full fat mayo is more flavorful)


(chopped fresh tarragon is delicious but dried is good also)

I guesstimated on the proportions when I made this salad at home recently.  I used leftover baked chicken, tossed in the chopped fruit and celery, spooned in mayonnaise (light) and sprinkled in a generous amount of dried tarragon.  IT WAS DELICIOUS!

My husband took the salad to work for lunch two days in a row – both days he texted me to tell me how “great” the salad was.  You know the way to a man’s heart is through his belly, right?  Well, ok, so there is another path but that is a topic for a different post!

Since my husband and I are not big fruit eaters, this is a way to sneak some into our diet.  I eat a small portion of the savory mix over a bed of romaine lettuce – he eats his on whole wheat bread. 

One Tuesdays, the deli serves a tangy cilantro chicken salad.  I have not decoded the ingredients yet but I will and when I do, I’ll share with you!

Got a favorite salad recipe?  Share with us!

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2 Responses to Tarragon Chicken Salad – YUM!

  1. Priest says:

    Super jzazed about getting that know-how.

  2. Geralyn says:

    Just what the dootcr ordered, thankity you!

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