On Reading About Women Over 50…

Just read a post by Lynn Spreen on Vibrant Nation http://www.vibrantnation.com/work-money/nobody-wants-to-read-novels-about-women-over-fifty-true-or-false/ – who asked if her readers thought it true or false that women did NOT want to read about women over 50!

Of course I responded. Of course I want to read about other lusty women.

I read quite a bit and I will be honest, when I pick up a novel about some perfect, perky 20 or 30 something, I cringe. I was never perfect – OK, so I was a bit perky – still am darn it. When I read, I want to relate to the story line, related to the protagonist. I want to understand what she is thinking and feeling. Sometimes, I look for a novel to remind me of my own continued possibilities.

I am also a writer with a list of story ideas that include women in their 40’s and beyond. Women who are wise, women who are imperfect, women who are bold, women who are strong.

For all you writers out there, please do produce a body of work that includes women like me…

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2 Responses to On Reading About Women Over 50…

  1. Danice says:

    You know what, I’m very much inlcnied to agree.

  2. Joeie says:

    Yeah that’s what I’m taklnig about baby–nice work!

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