Food Poisoning…

Ain’t nothing Lusty ‘bout that!

I had intended to blog about the fashion show I attended Thursday evening and the success of my wonderful friend – one of the designers.  However, before the crack of dawn Friday morning, I awoke with a bout of food poisoning and all the horrible symptoms that comes with it.  Several hours later, I realized I was in trouble and needed medical assistance.  I called upon my loving husband who whisked me away to the local emergency room where I waited in the hall for another couple of hours.  Two bags of fluid and an additional six hours later, I was released. 

For the rest of the weekend, I lazed around the house nursing myself back to health.

I did not write; I could barely compose an intelligible sentence.   I did not make it to the farmer’s market.   I did not sand and paint the cabinet I have been working on for my upstairs bathroom.  I did not hang the new valance in the powder room.

I did, however,  watch three movies my husband rented from the local Red Box – The Music Never Stops, The Lincoln Lawyer, and The Adjustment Bureau.  Each of these films held my attention for different reasons.  In The Music Never Stops the troubled relationship between father and son is explored and healed; The Lincoln Lawyer gave me optimism that there may be hope for even the most jaded in our society; and The Adjustment Bureau asserted my firm belief that everything happens for a reason – there is a plan for all of us.

Don’t worry; it wasn’t too much of an eye strain watching Matt Damon and Matthew McConaughey.

By Sunday evening, I was happy to have enough strength back to walk my dog through the park after the torrential rains finally abated.  The ground was wet, it was humid and I was glad to feel better!

In our local park, the squirrels have become very spoiled.  They scurry onto the path in front of walkers, joggers and bikers alike and beg for peanuts.  One squirrel has learned to communicate by chirping.  He (I assume it’s a he, but I don’t know) runs out onto a branch that shades the path and chirps to passers-by.  It sounds like a duck quacking, actually.  Last evening, I stopped beneath the tree and mimicked his chirping.  For a few moments, we – the squirrel and I – talked back and forth.

“Got any peanuts?”  He asked.

“Nope, not today.”  I chirped back.

“What you got in that plastic bag?”  He persisted.

“You wouldn’t be interested.  Trust me.”

“Oh, I get it.  Big dog gave you a present.”


“OK, well, enjoy your walk.”

“Good night.”  I went along my way having enjoyed my brief conversation with the friendly rodent.

My loyal readers, I hope you will forgive my lack luster writing today.  I promise better in the future.

For today, I wish you all good health and friendly squirrels.

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