Autumn Rising..

I went for a walk Friday evening and was dismayed to see gold and orange leaves strewn about the pathway.  “It’s only August”, I protested to my husband, “I’m not ready for fall yet.”

Seriously, I am not ready.  I haven’t purchased the laundry list of supplies the local school system feels my 8th grader will need the day he walks through the door (and will sit in our supply cabinet all year unused) I haven’t sent the invitations for my end of summer party and I haven’t begun to assemble my fall wardrobe.

I was at my local Marshall’s this past weekend looking for something specific for my trip to the beach this coming weekend.  I started hyperventilating when I realized how many other women were shopping for fall sweaters, blue jeans, jackets, scarves, boots – OMG – all the good stuff is going to be gone before I get started.  I’ll be forced to pay full retail.

A friend commented last week on the number of geese flying south.  Really? 

I must admit, though, autumn is my favorite season and I am grateful that I live in an area that has four seasons – I would prefer only three – winter I can live without.  I love the way the air smells in autumn.  I love the cloths, I love the anticipation of the holiday season, I love that school is back in session, and I love planning the annual parties and gatherings.

So, I am ending my procrastination and beginning to prepare for the passing of another wonderful summer.  I purchased a few school supplies, drafted a preliminary guest list and glanced through a magazine looking for some do-it-yourself ideas for fall decorating and entertaining.

While I am not eager to let go of the sultry summer, I will embrace the fall.

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