Summer Rain

I opened the bedroom window this morning and the breeze blew – cool and damp – through the screen, billowing my drapery.  I breathed deeply – the summer rain.

Oh, I so wanted to slip back into my cozy bed, wrap myself in the comfort of my blanket and drift into a restful nap to the pitter-patter sounds of a summer rain shower.  Like most, however, I have responsibilities and commitments that drove me into the artificial shower in my bathroom.

What is it about a summer rain that induces calm and tranquility?

As I drove down the highway toward my mid-city place of employment, I wondered what happened to that serenity.  Do we leave it at the door on our way out of the house?

There were a number of traffic accidents along the way. Fortunately (and I do thank all that is good and holy) I was not involved in either of them.  I have always thought the increase in accidents during inclement weather was due to poor driving skills.  However, I have to consider that they could be due to our passive, less alert frames of mind.

Think about it; some Lusty Lady is driving down I95, her window cracked just a bit.  She is listening to the sound of rain hitting the pavement – tires sloshing through puddles, and day dreaming about ripping off her clothes and walking naked in the warm shower – stopping to splash in the miniature lakes that form in the sidewalk.

Ahead, a car stops at the toll plaza to pay the exorbitant fee to pass through one of the many tunnels along the I95 corridor.  “Oh, look,” Lusty Lady thinks to herself, “aren’t those red lights so pretty the way they dazzle in the rain?”

A second too late, she realizes those beautiful prismatic auras are attached to a stopped vehicle.

The sound of metal-against-metal disrupts the tranquil tinkle of liquid glass upon asphalt.

Within five minutes, traffic is backed-up over a mile.  Rudely roused drivers, awakened from their own summer shower fantasies, jib and jab from lane to lane, vying for vacant driving track.   Window motors hum as glass blocks out the relaxing drum of the rain and GPS devises flicker into action.

Gone are the pleasant moods and agreeable attitudes induced by the summer rain.

Well, that’s just one theory.

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