Plump, Ripe, and Juicy

I am not a gardener – I cannot even keep plants alive inside the house. Hostas are my ornamental lawn plant of choice. I forget to water them, they turn brown, and the next spring they grow right back!
Over the winter, we (my family and I) moved into a new home. In the back is a raised area that I immediately thought would be perfect for a small herb and vegetable garden. As soon as the weather grew warm enough, I headed to the local box store, selected a variety of tomatoes, peppers and herbs and planted them with love and care – and some Miracle Grow!
Each evening, I watered the juvenile plants and, when bugs (I have no idea what kind) started to nibble on their leaves, I sprayed them with an organic spectracide. As my plants began to grow, it became evident to me that I should have sought more guidance before planting so enthusiastically!
I now have a jungle of tomato and pepper plants spawning more fruit than my small family and I can possibly enjoy! The plants are about four feet tall and so heavy with fruit I cannot keep them tied up properly. I have lost some of my plum tomatoes to rot from lying directly on the ground. I am saddened by that.
Basil! I have so much basil I could supply a restaurant! I’ve made enough pesto to last the winter. My mint is overtaking the herb section. Honestly, I don’t use much mint in my cooking – I grew it because I so love a good mojito! Seriously! I made one last night – it was delicious! Worried about the sugar content – make it with Splenda – tastes just a good.
Over the weekend I harvested some of my tomatoes. They are plump, ripe and juicy (kind of the way my husband describes me). Just thinking about them makes me hungry for a tomato sandwich – a little low fat mayo, salt, pepper and whole wheat – a delicious lunch.
It is quite sensuous to enjoy the fruit of one’s own labors.
Next year, I might plant cucumbers also!

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2 Responses to Plump, Ripe, and Juicy

  1. Wow, your garden sounds great! wish i had the room for al these lovely things. You could start making little mojito kits as gifts with a miniture rum. I once had a basilito at a posh cocktail bar which was delicious too, you could google it? And maybe make some rich tomato sauce and freeze it? Make the most of it & enjoy!

    • Lynn Lusty says:

      Thank you.

      I made some mint enfused simple syrup and brought it to a party. It went over very well.

      I love the idea of freezing tomatos sauce. I use tomatoes so much – that is great way to continue enjoying my garden. I will let you know how that works out for me.

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